Thursday, 27 April 2006

Proud brothas and sistas show their strength


(First of all, just to get this off my chest. There’s nothing Frank TALKER hates more than this noble language being assailed by pointless mispellings like brothas and sistas - and so does my spellchecker. There’s no need whatsoever for these new spellings so what - exactly - is their purpose? It’s the same childish growing pains girls often go through when they hit adolescence and decide to change the spellings of their names! Politics is not a game for children, so please grow up, Blacks.)

The rest of this article doesn’t get that much better.

‘TOGETHER WE'RE STRONGER’. In reality, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This means that unity attracts weak people who can only feel a (false) sense of self-esteem by congregating with others. One sees this with football hooligans, notice, who’re cowards alone; the bravest oft he brave together. When was the last time you saw a lone football hooligan cutting-up rough?

‘PROUD (People from diverse Racial Origins Uniting the Department)’. Well, this labels every single person in the country, doesn’t it? And yet this organisation is described as ‘a support network for Black and ethnic minority staff working at the department for constitutional affairs’. Whites are also of diverse origins, are They not? Was this acronym invented simply for the purposes of a clever acronym? I think we should be told!

What follows is the usual rubbish you hear from Whinging Blacks:

‘...[D]iscrimination occurred in many forms and guises and took away people's confidence and self-worth, respecting no one’. Funny how history is replete with examples of people overcoming such obstacles as discrimination to become successful against all the odds, isn’t it? The fact is that if you’re held back by discrimination then you have no self-confidence and self-worth to begin with and the only pride you have is in the loudness of your self-pitying whining. Haven’t you Black Bastards ever heard of Robert the Bruce? If at first you don’t succeed... if you can’t find any suitable Black role models then use White ones; Whites have plenty to go around and certainly more than They need.

The fact is that self-respect comes not from complaining about discrimination and demanding that it be given you without any necessary work, but from overcoming it.

‘If unchallenged, it impacted hard on the lives of the people at the receiving end, their families, and their working environment’. Obviously, so why aren’t you Blacks challenging it, then, rather than just whining?

‘...PROUD and other corporate staff networks existed to help the department, to make life better for everyone’. If you waste your time and energy helping strangers, then where are you going to obtain these qualities to help yourself? Let’s have some enlightened self-interest here, shall we, otherwise you’re not challenging discrimination. You’re trying to get those discriminating against you to love you because you’re frightened that if you do effectively challenge their discrimination you’d discover they had no intention of loving you. And, in fact, will even use fatal violence against you to continue discriminating against you. Altruism - pacifism - is simply the philosophy of cowards.

‘People do need support’. Only weak people need support. ‘I want people to feel free and talk about their experiences’. This is arrogant nonsense from someone who wants to alter people feelings about themselves - even psychotherapists aren’t trying to do this. This is really an attempt at totalitarian control of the weak - control with a smile on its face. However, the basic problem here is that talking about experiences is only of value if you’ve properly understood them. This article proves that Blacks have a long way to go in this regard such that such talk amounts to nothing more than a circle jerk.

‘Valerie Willer told delegates she came from a strong family of Black women and had always been encouraged to do anything she wanted to, adding: "I did not have a to deal with any form of harassment or discrimination".’ Yippee! Someone who’s proud of what she hasn’t done! Perhaps she’d like to tell us what she has don that she’s proud of since it’s impossible to be proud of a non-achievement!?

‘Her advice to delegates was to obtain as much knowledge about their field as they could, go on training courses and set personal goals’. Useless advice because what really needs to be done is to understand how subjective prejudice actually works. Especially because many educated Blacks can’t find jobs no matter how “expert” in Their fields They are! Without such a critical appreciation, all education is wasted.

The one fully-correct statement is that racism is “carefully taught”. (Whites groom Their children as paedophiles groom theirs.) But this is not followed-up with any means of challenging such teaching effectively. ‘Everybody has responsibility to do something about racism’. Great! How are you going to convince racists of this?

The entire tenor of this piece is that Blacks need mollycoddling because They have even more fragile egos than the Average White Racist (the only true equality between both groups). Blacks need an emotional crutch like PROUD like They need a hole in the head.

Proud brothas and sistas show their weakness.
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