Monday, 3 April 2006

A sea of white faces


‘Freedom of _expression is the right to offend (Sic)’.

This is a typical expression of White Intolerance.

White Culture is decadent and doesn’t practice nor understand concepts like civility and courtesy. It doesn’t have to because It knows that Its racism makes Whites the most unpopular race on earth and, that being so, there’s no point in being civil to those who don’t (but should?) worship Them.

There are two species of Man to a White: Themselves and Everybody Else.

Such intolerance means that photographs of stiff cocks can be plastered all over public billboards and that is acceptable to these idiots.

But woe betide any Muslim who wishes to express the entirely reasonable view that homosexuality is wrong and a sexual aberration. Such a view would obviously be offensive to the same poufs that think it’s OK to offend Islamists.

Whites believe that freedom of speech is the right to offend non-Whites, but not the other way around.
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