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1990 Trust Response to The Equalities Review Interim Report


‘The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, has slammed the Interim Report of the Equalities Review Panel...’. Here is the fundamental problem with Blacks: Their reliance on Whites to state Their case for Them. They realise that Whites aren’t going to listen to a word They say about White Racism, so need to find Whites to hide behind in order to avoid being ignored. This just goes to show how dependent Blacks are on Whites to achieve anything and, therefore, how inferior.

When Blacks realise that this approach never works because it presupposes inferiority, then Blacks will have achieved full independence from not only White Racism, but also institutionalised Black fear of Whites. Otherwise, iIt means Blacks relying on so-called well-meaning Whites for Their achievements in life, rather than Their own skills, abilities and talents.

So long as Blacks behave like inferiors, They’ll be treated like inferiors. Not that such behaviour actually warrants such treatment, just that Blacks will never be treated any better and therefore can’t expect to be so shouldn’t be disapointed when They’re not. Just as rape victims can most often be shown to be masochistic in nature, Blacks ask (but never deserve) to be abused.

'It is bizarre that a report meant to examine the causes of inequality barely mentions discrimination and comes close to implying people choose to be unequal or that their culture somehow holds them back’. This is Black Hypocrisy. Hhere Blacks are Themselves refusing to acknowledge the very things They imply Whites-only evade; namely, a cultural self-image that posits one race as somehow superior to the other which Blacks believe makes Them inferior and Whites superior. The fact is that many people DO choose to be unequal.

To claim that Blacks are largely responsible for White Racism is the same racism Whites are trying to promulgate with this report. The responsibility for White Racism lies firmly with Whites and no-one else – to pass the buck in this way on to Blacks is just so much more White Racism.

It’s inevitable that Whites ultimately believe that the cause of racial discrimination is Their own racial superiority. They need to believe this because it helps lessen Their race guilt. It does this by suggesting that treating Blacks as inferiors is somehow normal and that White Race Guilt is nothing more than the kind of sentimentality one feels for a young animal before destroying it. It means never having to renounce racism simply by suggesting it’s the natural way for any White Culture to be organised and structured.

Whites can’t deal effectively with Their race Guilt – as They can’t do so with Their racism – the former being far more painful to Them than the latter (about which They care almost nothing). If it weren’t for Their guilty consciences, the Race Relations Act would never have been passed into UK law. Whites are now fed-up with being continually reminded by Blacks about White Racism: It’s painful to be reminded of one’s cultural inferiority, after all. This is why Whites now wish to blame Blacks for White Racism, in the same way that paedophiles and rapists always blame Their victims for the rape and the abuse such people choose to mete out. And in the same way that burglars believe they can invidiously blame those they burgle for having more material possessions than they have themselves. Such is the way of the guilty ones.

This annoyance at Blacks for reminding Whites of White Racism is never going to go away any more than White Racism is going to go away. Every time a White sees a Black, he’s reminded of how negative and hostile He feels toward Him. And then to have Blacks remind Whites of this simple, everyday fact is really too much for Weak-Willed Whites to bear. To accept that White Culture is institutionally racist is to accept that one has to change. Since Whites, Themselves, believe that leopards don’t change their spots, Blacks are daydreaming when they think White Culture is going to change. Whites would much rather destroy Their culture than let Blacks allegedly swarm all over it. In imitation of a Soviet-style scorched earth policy practised against the invading Germans in the Second World War; to deny the Nazis any benefit from the territory they were temporarily conquering.

'The negative attitude of the report to equality movements is also a real cause for concern’. This is no more true of this report than of Whites, in general, since it merely proves the complete lack of commitment to treating Blacks as equals that Whites routinely manifest. On the contrary, this report should be a cause for joy and celebration. It makes clear that Blacks have nothing to gain from associating with nor from trying to appease Whites (the latter being no more that an emotionally-blackmailing protection racket for Whites). The report also proves that a backlash against Blacks (especially for Blacks having the temerity to remind Whites of Institutional White Racism) is now going to be more overt.

Once Whites are pushed into a corner where They can do nothing but hysterically reveal Their abject fear of Darkies, then Blacks’ll have Them by the balls. There’ll be no going back to the days when Whites could play the race card by claiming Blacks were doing the selfsame thing. This would allow Blacks to throw Overt White Racism back in the face of Whites whenever Whites claim to have any commitment to race equality.

‘Equality movements have played a vital role in the fight for equality in this country’. They haven’t: They’ve merely been a means of concealing the Endemic Black Fear of White People behind a pseudo-respectable mask of the struggle for race equality. None of these groups ever explains the need for racial equality – as Karl Marx never explained the need for equality, as such. The real reason egalitarianism is proclaimed is so that the less equal can steal a share of the achievements of the more equal; allowing the weak to steal from the strong – the poor from the rich.

‘This report is a travesty and should be withdrawn'. (A travesty of what, one wonders?) Of course, it never will be. And, indeed, the response to it is also a ‘travesty’ – as indicated above.

'This review blames the victims of discrimination for their fate, saying “a true attempt to remedy an unjust [in]equality (Sic) may appear to be the action of self-interested groups to close gaps for which they in part are themselves responsible”. Clearly, the report doesn’t FULLY blame the alleged victims of racism for the racism they experience. Nevertheless, admittedly even partial blame will be used by White Racists to let Themselves off the hook when it comes to apportioning blame for White Racism. The essential problem with this complaint is that it posits Blacks as victims, and the victim position is always the inferior position. If Blacks could stop thinking of Themselves in this way then Their racial problems would be largely solved. After all, there’s no point in a girl walking down the high street late at night wearing a low-cut top and a short skirt and then complaining afterwards if she’s sexually assaulted.

The simple fact is that Whites consider Their racism to be normal and natural - and woe betide anyone who thinks they’re gonna tell Them otherwise. White Racism is thus viewed as the default position from which all other politics must - by order of the (White) management - manifest itself. It is essential therefore, for Whites to deny the fact that Their racism is part of the warp and weft of Their culture without which Their culture would falter – unless prepared to change.

Bizarrely, Whites try to deny Their racism by being egregiously racist, since denial of existing racism is just another form of racism. And even more bizarrely, Blacks associate with Whites because They believe Whites are racially reformed rather than just getting on with Their own lives and leaving Whites to stew in Their own racist juice.

Both sides of the race debate are fully committed to perpetuating racism. Both need it to inform Them of whom they are because without it neither would possess the means of self-definition through individual achievement. They’d be left only with the fatuous hope that assuming political postures within the safety-net confines of skin-colour groupings can make either into fully-functional human beings. Blacks want to believe Whites corrigible as a compensation for Black incorrigibility – the usual hypocrisy of expecting others to do what you cannot do.

‘After representations from equalities groups were rejected at the review panel's London consultation meeting, David McFarlane of the National Coalition of Black-led Organisations and the National Black Police Federation, said: “I just can't understand the scathing attack on groups like ours”. This man is an idiot! He doesn’t understand the very racism he claims to be against! How then could he ever hope to prevail against such racists given that understanding your enemy is a prerequisite to defeating them? Perhaps he thinks Blacks will win the race-war by luck rather than using Their brains? Or is it just that Blacks don’t have any brains?

Whites want to abolish the very reason for the existence of the CEHR (Commission for Equalities and Human Rights) by claiming there’s no real need for it. And that Blacks should just pull Themselves together and accept that They were born inferior. The CEHR is an organisation committed to its own abolition not through abolishing White Racism, but by convincing Blacks They’re inferior. It reverses its ostensible purpose of tackling White Racism by being nothing more than White and Racist. That Blacks don’t realise this just shows how They focus on the details because They lack the mind to see the bigger picture.

Whites want to abolish Black pressure groups (out of unresolved race guilt) and to replace them with the CEHR – and then abolish that. The endgame and main purpose of this is for Whites to then claim that the problem of racism has been solved (by superior Whites, of course). And that We (the Superior White Race) no longer need the CEHR, nor any organisation remotely like it. Anyone (Black) who disagrees (lodges a formal complaint against White Racism which, by then, will no longer exist, of course) is to be viewed as “objectively mad”. They will then be Sectioned under the Mental Health Act until They recant the heresy that White Culture is an essentially racist culture. While Whites furiously evade the fact that such a demand is proof that White Culture remains fundamentally racist. This also benefits Whites when They’re not believed when They claim that racists are just a few hardcore nutters now – as opposed to being the tip of the iceberg of an institutionally racist culture. Because there will then be less and less people (Blacks) around to disagree with Them.

Whites need to pathologize race complaints and allied political activity because They know that – without racism – Their culture has no core or meaning. A racist house-of-cards implodes without the quintessential belief in its own superiority to all other cultures and races. This is why the British Empire failed - it was weak against those it claimed inferior.

It should also be noted that in all other political contexts, when various lobby groups petition government for whatever it is they seek, few are accused of being part of the problem - even when they’re violently disagreed with. It is only the White weakness for racism that produces such accusations.

The corollary of Whites’ Institutionalised-White-Denial-of-Their-Own-Core‑Racism is the fact that Whites aren’t going to abolish anything that provides Them with a job-for-life. They will only abolish anti-racist pressure groups that provide such jobs for Blacks; knowing that White Racism can be very lucrative for Blacks who are able to exploit White Race Guilt and, thereby, play the Race Victim successfully. Whites see no reason to ever experience the consequences of Their racism by ever providing and allowing such race-based employment to those They fundamentally hate. Whites do this by making it a crime - punishable by Sectioning - to criticise the resulting Racist White Regime. This is why the inevitable Black distrust of Whites is blamed on Blacks not upon White Racists. This simply swaps Black Victimhood for White as Whites can then claim that Blacks are a threat to Whites – as all racists do. Here, Whites can then play the part of Victims of alleged Black Racial Oppression; making White claims that Blacks are largely responsible for White Racism not only racist but fundamentally hypocritical.

This is the best that one can expect from a racist culture – White Victimhood (White Racism) as a replacement for Black Victimhood (Black Racism). Whites propose no higher benchmark for Their culture than a reinforced and newly-buttressed White Racism; playing the selfsame race card They accuse others of playing.

This all ties in with the current Great White Desire to abolish the Human Rights Act – in other contexts. This act denies Whites the privilege of practising Their racism openly – as They’d like. Therefore, attempted abolition or reform of such laws is no more than a White attempt to claim the existence of a right to be racist.

The only sensible way to deal with White Racists is to exploit Their guilt if They threaten you in any way. After all, if They weren’t racist, such exploitation wouldn’t be possible – so only racists need fear being manipulated and used. This is justified in terms of self-defence.
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