Monday, 12 June 2006

Immigrants coming to Britain must learn English


He argued that people entering the UK should "play by the rules" and that means learning the language in order to get work, the chancellor says.

The problem with playing by the rules is that Whites wrote them and is, therefore, inherently designed to benefit Whites-only; that is, the rules are racist.

There’s little point in immigrants learning English if the native population continues to treat them as inferior consequently. Migrants might just as well stay resolutely within their own communities and continue to speak their own native tongue. The only rational incentive Whites can offer migrants in this regard is the wholesale White renunciation of racism: A not very likely outcome. What Whites evade is the fact that few wish to speak the language of racism, which English most definitely is. Anymore than schoolchildren in Soweto, south Africa, in 1976 wished to be taught in the language in which apartheid was enforced: Afrikaans.

The only two reasons Whites want immigrants to learn English are so that Whites will be able to force them to speak English in public. This is because of the conventionally racist White fear that these non-English speakers are plotting terrorist acts behind Their backs. Or belittling whites by using words that the English – famously inattentive to foreign language studies – are not in a position to respond to. This is proof that Whites know full well that Their behaviour most often invites such responses – otherwise why would anyone think that just because someone else was conversing in a foreign language that they were talking about them. Is it paranoia or narcissism – or both?

The fact that the UK has the highest rate of illiteracy in Europe (20%) among native-speakers of English also eludes Mr Brown. When will he be saying that the English should also learn to ‘play by the rules’ and speak English before they can obtain their benefits!

In reality, most immigrants do learn English in order to further their chances of employment and business success. Immigrants are ambitious and want to learn what is the common (indeed global business) tongue, because it makes sense - in as far as it is a necessary skill that is relevant to a person’s life and career. It is a dirty racist myth for Mr Brown to suggest that immigrants have to be forced to do what they do anyway as a matter of course.

The other, all-important reason is so that when Whites refuse to employ a proportionate number of well-educated foreigners – conversant in the English language – Whites can then blame this unemployability upon the basic inferiority of those foreigners. The whole idea is yet another vacant White attempt to blame foreigners for simply being foreign and different which, being foreign, they can’t help – neither should they. Whites want to make everyone a carbon copy of Themselves in order to vainly reduce Their endemic fear-of-difference.

‘[Mr Brown] told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that those who refused to learn English should be made to do so’. This is impossible, of course, any more than it’s been possible to educate the native-born into the practicalities of learning to speak their own tongue adequately.

‘Immigrants should also be given an understanding of British history so they could learn values of freedom, liberty and tolerance, [Mr Brown] said’. These are not, however, the values actually underlying UK culture. The real ones are dog-eat-dog; every-man-for-himself; and, fuck-the-foreigner. What Mr Brown is doing is setting-up foreigners to be exploited by UK natives with this rose-tinted claptrap which is no more than propaganda for the supposed superiority of the White Race and its political institutions.

‘[Mr Brown thinks] that understanding British history is part of [learning to speak English]’. A true rendition of British history would prove to foreigners – better than Frank TALKER can – of how racist UK Whites are and of how little Whites actually value Their alleged virtues of ‘freedom, liberty and tolerance’. A non-whitewashed version of British history would, in fact, be the best proselytising for never bothering to speak the language of people with such contempt for human life.

‘[Mr Brown] said people could be part of a global economy and benefit from it, but also have a "huge pride and patriotism" in their own country’. Because migrants are never accepted in the UK as being truly British (unless they’re White to begin with, of course) it’s very hard to imagine why anyone would experience ‘huge pride and patriotism’ for a country that tries to regularly abuse them for racial reasons. Mr Brown obviously thinks Darkies are inferior because They’re inherently masochistic, racially. In any case, in a global economy the theory and practice of the nation-state becomes a moribund redundancy from a time long past. This is a rather sad attempt to mitigate the effects of a global economy, which is decreased patriotism, and pride in one’s country and increased pride in one’s own individual achievements. This gives governments less political power and it's this that such idiotic and racist rantings are prompted by.

‘If someone is unemployed who doesn't speak English, they should have to learn English to make themselves employable’. Does this also mean Whites renouncing the racism that is actually the much more likely cause of a non-White being allegedly unemployable? I bet it doesn’t! In which case, yet again Blacks are being blamed for their inability to find employment among largely racist employers by it being declared that their English skills are to blame. Even though most illiterate people in the UK are actually White.

‘If you take preachers coming into this country, they should be speaking the English language and not refusing to speak the English language’. Does this mean that Catholics can no longer preach in Latin? After all, we all know that the Romans maintain caches of firearms and explosive in the basements of their churches for the inevitable day when the Protestants come to massacre them! (And what about the Hebes not doveening in Hebrew [or Yiddish]?)

"I won't rest until we declare heterosexuality the official sexuality of the United States."
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