Thursday, 22 June 2006

Architects in uproar as candidate for president revealed as BNP member


This is typical White Hogwash about the supposed monopoly the poorly-educated have regarding racism. whites who claim not to be racially snobbish are perfectly happy being socially snobbish in the implication here that only the poorly-educated can ever be racist. And that somehow well-educated whites have – by virtue of being well-educated – immunised themselves from being racist. Where is the evidence for this outside the diseased minds of well-educated racists?

This proves Whites don’t understand that racism isn’t so much a political philosophy as a mental illness. Whites aren’t prepared to admit that Whites are capable of being racially ill in this way even though They are prepared to claim that there’s such a thing as Black Psychosis. The latter of which enables well-educated White Psychiatrists to lock up harmless Blacks because of the racist views of the well-educated White Psychiatrists. This view is, itself, racist.

Pretentious, self-aggrandising White Racism is revealed here: ‘The lofty, quietly studious corridors of the Royal Institute of British Architects in Portland Place, London, may seem a million miles from the rightwing extremes of the British National party’. Why would any rational, man-of-the-world ever believe any of this nonsense? Why would any institute with a royal charter be somehow exempt from the stigma of racism? we are never told, but Frank TALKER knows.

In the end, it’s just that well-educated people are better at hiding their racism, that’s all there is to it!

Self-righteous sanctimony: ‘The news [that a White professional is a racist] has thrown the profession into uproar’. In reality, it’s the fact that Mr Phillips’ has not been able to conceal his racism that is the problem – not the fact that he is a racist. This is proven by: ‘I know him only too well and I have despised many of his views for a long time’. In which case, why have his views only now come to public light? This just goes to show how little concern Whites have for the problems caused for Them by the racists in Their midst (the enemy within), because They don’t believe Their own racist and racial complicity negatively affects Them. Worse still: ‘It is shocking that someone like him is in our midst’. So, why tolerate him in your midst?

‘No doubt he would not have received the 60 nominations necessary if those who nominated him knew of his political affiliations’. Really? Where’s the evidence for such a stupidly anti-racist assertion?

Look at how repetitively desperate Mr Phillips’ fellow Whites are to say they deplore his attitudes: ‘Absolute outrage has been expressed by everyone on council I have communicated with. No doubt that is a united feeling among the profession’. No doubt!

More hogwash about how sad Whites are that there’s a racist in their midst: ‘His views are totally countercultural to the profession, and absolutely antipathetical (Sic) to what the vast majority of our profession are interested in’. Where is the evidence for these statements? Why are there no more black architects than there are, for example?
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