Monday, 12 June 2006

True cost of meters


Here we have a typical example of White Racism: ‘The answer is to stop population growth, particularly in the south-east. By definition a smaller population uses less water.

‘The real issue is uncontrolled inward migration into the UK and policymakers have got to accept that, at some point, we will have reached the optimum sustainable population for this country and that we have already exceeded that number of people in the south-east’.

Most of the UK’s population growth is caused by the indigenous population so, as is usual with White Racists, this man claims that problems Whites created for Themselves can blamed on Blacks. If ‘population growth’ were the real issue then the author would have to accept less people being born and eventually paying less in taxes, therefore. This would mean higher taxes or a fall in his standard of living – and that of his children. Factors he never mentions because he seeks actively to evade them via his racism.
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