Tuesday, 20 June 2006

People get ready


My scorn and contempt for this nonsense completely defeats me and I have better things to do anyways. Its basic problem is that it pretends that racism can be defeated even though it’s self-evident that the Second World War did not defeat fascism – only fascists. How soon they forget the lessons of recent history.

The worst aspect of this article is as follows: ‘PUSH, which stands for People Uniting to Save Humanity, has been a major force in US political life since 1971 fighting for social change’. This lie is then followed-up by proof that it’s a lie: ‘Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin used his keynote address to speak directly to the malaise affecting men of colour, who are at the bottom of the table for work and education opportunities’. If ‘men of colour’ lack the same work and educational opportunities as in 1971, then what – exactly - has PUSH been doing for the past 35 years?

Imagine a soccer team at the bottom of a league division working for three decades to reach the top but that had, after all that time, never left the bottom. You’d then be entitled to ask what they’d been doing in all that time, and to suggest that it was time for a change of management because the present team isn’t doing its job at all effectively.
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