Thursday, 22 June 2006

Blears admits voters turn to BNP


‘Labour Party chairman Hazel Blears says the British National Party made gains in May's local elections because voters felt ignored by mainstream politicians’. Whites are amazing, aren’t They?

The real reason the British National Party (BNP) made such gains is because their voters are racist. It is as simple as that.

The increasing success of racist parties like the British National Party (BNP) is now increasingly frightening mainstream White Politicians. They know They will have to mimic racist policies even more than They currently do in order to get the votes that the mainstream parties are now haemorrhaging to presently-marginal political parties. This is the truth underlying the ‘major concern’ of which Ms Blears so dishonestly speaks.

Ms Blears elaborates upon her Escapist White Fantasising: ‘Extremist politics flourishes where mainstream politics leaves a vacuum’. The fact is that mainstream politics has always been a vacuum. The difference now is that there are many more Blacks than there used to be in the United Kingdom and this gives Whites the required set of scapegoats to blame Their endemic economic failures upon.

Consider: There are 1,500,000 foreign workers living in the UK now. This almost exactly matches the current unemployment rate of 1,400,000. In other words, these new migrants take-up-the-slack that the native population is unwilling to fill; thereby, ensuring that those unemployed remain unemployed since their services are now that much less likely to be required. (It also shows that immigrants tend to be harder working than the indigenous population because of their inherent desire to succeed. This is demonstrated by their uprooting themselves from their own native soil to live in the nationalistically-hostile environment of the UK.)

The vacuum at the heart of UK politics lies in the fact that no alleged social problems ever get solved. This is because politicians are actually powerless to change anything. They only talk about change to provide themselves with jobs-for-life – and the success of their careers is not measured in terms of achievement but in terms of verbal commitment to achievement. In other words, they are evaluated in terms of trying – not doing.

Neither poverty, economic decline, crime, racism, misogyny, etc have ever been successfully tackled. This has meant that politicians have had to create another alleged war – this time upon the terrorism that Whites Themselves have created – in order to galvanise the public into working towards a common goal. This is a vain attempt to resurrect the wartime spirit that supposedly defeated Hitler. (In truth, Hitler was a masochistic nihilist who ultimately defeated himself by over-reaching ambition for self-destruction. A wartime spirit among the British is just the way that Brits love to flatter Themselves: It has nothing to do with reality.) The problem with this is that it stokes the very racism (against Muslims, specifically) that the very same racist politicians now decry! Stupit iriots! This is the true meaning behind Ms Blears statement that ‘[a]ll parties must take the responsibility for this’. She tacitly recognises that Whites are to blame. Not only for the improved electoral showing of the BNP, but also the racist War on Terror and the profound inability of politicians to solve genuine political problems in a country still mourning the loss of its Empire. And crying over spilt milk, in this Characteristic White Way, proves that racism is the only way Whites can conceive of living in the world with the 75% of the world’s population whom are irretrievably Black.

Ms Blears reference to ‘estates’ proves her inane belief that only the lower classes are prone to racism. This clearly implies that she – and her kind - are not. This also proves that Whites still cling to Their economically indefensible and Pyrrhically-inflexible class system. (Indeed, any successfully-applied racist system is always a Pyrrhic victory for racists; compare with the Holocaust.)

‘The BNP could, however, be "turned back" and "driven out" through better organisation and by educating people about what the party stood for, she said’. This is errant nonsense: The BNP are an irrelevancy! The issue here is that the United Kingdom has lost its political way since 1945. This is reflected in the fact that UK politics is now a ‘vacuum’ into which nihilists - like racists, environmentalists, anti-globalists, etc – can pour their misanthropic poison. Note that all such groups are essentially anti-Man – as the morbidly-inclined and death-worshipping communists were before them.

‘Ms Blears also insisted most voters did not like what the BNP stood for, arguing that it was merely a refuge for protest votes’. White self-delusion, of course. Whites speak this kind of claptrap because They don’t want to face the quintessential racism of Their moribund Culture. How typical of a White like Ms Blears to deny the inherent racism of her own genetic coevals.

Ms Blears is correct here: ‘But crucially, we need to remove the conditions in which they can thrive’. It’s difficult to be wrong about this since it’s blindingly obvious. But her solution is pathetic – as one would expect from a White Politician.

Only a politician would self-servingly claim that ‘[w]e need to rebuild our local democratic institutions, so there can be no democratic vacuums’. Of course, since that provides more jobs for more feckless and otherwise unemployable politicians! What would you expect! It’s typical of Whites to claim that we need more of the poison that’s killing us in order to save us from being killed by poisonous White Politicians.

‘We need a lively community spirit on every street and estate’. We’ve always needed this but the anti-capitalist and anti-poor socialists have no policy for achieving it. ‘We need well-funded political parties’. Of course, to provide more political jobs for White Politicians! This political scum wants us to pay for their pensions while not doing a hand’s turn for it to benefit us! ‘We need mainstream candidates in every ward’. More jobs-for-the-boys!

‘Only where mainstream democratic politics fails, can fascism take hold’. It’s only when the economy fails that fascism takes hold so this simply isn’t true. (‘[M]ainstream’ here is a synonym for White since most people in the UK are Caucasian. Whites here are simply trying to puff Themselves up.) This means that the only solution to racists is capitalism and globalisation – which the socialists and their bottom-feeding apparatchiks are keen on hindering in order to achieve a White World Hegemony. Freedom costs, and only capitalism can bring it about because the more productive ability you have, the more political freedom you can produce. Poor men are rarely free, after all. This is why such calls to political action will always fail to tackle fascism effectively because they are designed to provoke the very fascism that timeserving politicians can use to aggrandise their positions and keep them in well-paid employment. Politicians are more to blame than anyone else for the parlous state of UK race-relations.
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