Monday, 12 June 2006

Rally for Justice


‘With the intensification of "terror raids" throughout the country and "trial-by-media" sensationalism, communities are under severe attack and must show unity’. There’s no need for ‘communities’ to show unity since ‘unity’ will have no impact on White Racism – and never has.

Calls for unity are a tacit admission that that unity does not exist; otherwise, why would there be any need for a call for a unity that already exists?

The reason unity does not exist in the Black Community is because Blacks spend most of Their valuable time trying to suck-up-to and appease White Racism. Blacks think They’ll obtain something, now, in this generation that They don’t have the patience and ability to wait and work for in the future. They care nothing for Their kids only for Their present needs. This Blacks call Equality in our Lifetime, which really means: “How Far Can We Get Our Tongues Up the White Man’s Arsehole – in Our Lifetime?”

The reason the police and the wider White Race want to try and terrorise Muslims and Muslim lookalikes is because They know that Muslims are not going to help Them in Their so-called War on Terror. Even if Muslims do help out here, Whites don’t believe that They really are being helpful only pretending to be so as a vain means of deflecting White Racism away from Themselves. This is, in fact, why any Muslim would help a white and proves Muslims haven’t learned any lessons about the mistrust in which Whites regard Them and the mistrust with which They should regard Whites.

The fact that Whites judge everyone by Their own standards only, This lack of trust of others proves Whites can’t be trusted because it demonstrates that White Culture is based upon mistrust. If it were not, why would Whites automatically assume others can’t be trusted? To the good, all things are good; to the bad, all things are bad. Not helping Whites is simply payback for decades of White Racism; while Whites trying to terrorise Muslims is payback for Muslims not accepting Their alleged inferior status with White Culture. At the end of the day, Whites know that if the racial situation were reversed in the UK, Whites wouldn’t help Muslims if Muslims were being terrorised by White Fundamentalists, such as the BNP. (Additionally, up until recently, Whites have refused to get involved with Muslim forced marriages; being imposed by Muslim fundamentalists. Now that Whites do get involved in it, They wish to use it – surprise, surprise – as a means of demonising and pathologising Muslim culture. Much moreso than simply saying forced marriage is wrong and that Muslims need protecting – an attitude Whites can’t manifest without scoring a racist point in the process. Strange that. But not so strange when you realise the essentially racist motivation beneath such a reversed viewpoint.)

The fact is that Blacks have never been united over any issue, as can be seen, for example, in the fact that afro-Caribbeans and Asians hate each other’s guts. There is also the issue that Asians tend to be the most racist people on earth. This accounts for the fact that the brown-skinned are so concerned to distance and differentiate Themselves from Muslims in order to avoid racial abuse that is currently being meted out to Muslims by Whites. Afro-Caribbeans are only too happy to be less likely to be racially-abused by the UK police since they are too dark to be al Quaeda.

Unity, what unity?

Additionally, the White Media are inveterately racist and are only too happy to exploit the White Racist myth that the darks-skinned are here in the UK to destroy White Civilisation – if, indeed, Whites can be called civilised, at all.

‘The heavy-handed tactics of the police are proving counterproductive. Instead of increasing security, high profile police "terror" raids have only spread more fear’. Heavy-handed tactics are always counterproductive so this statement is a tautology. The fear lies mostly in the hearts of those Whites who approve of such terror raids.

Formerly such raids were conducted discreetly but now, in order to show shit-scared Whites that Whites are being effectively protected from Blacks, the police are acting hand-in-glove with the media in a game of White racial public relations. This proves just how scared Whites are of the racist terrorism They have been instrumental in creating as They now rush around like headless chickens on the basis of uncorroborated tip-offs that turn out to be unreliable. It’s funny how Whites believe that leopards don’t change their spots, yet believe criminals when they offer Whites information that can be used for public-relations’ purposes. If such an informant denied in court that he’d committed a crime, he wouldn’t be believed because of his previous record, but if he claims some Muslims are terrorists he will be believed. The issue here is what the believer wishes to believe, not what the evidence indicates.

It should be pointed-out that the idea of a vest as a chemical weapon that the police allege they were searching for is a product of White Paranoia. Such a weapon would achieve little effect and certainly much less than an IED (Improvised Explosive Device).

That someone was shot during the raid shows that armed police officers chamber rounds in their cocked handguns while keeping their itchy trigger fingers on the trigger and not the trigger guard. In other words, the policy is not so much “shoot-to-kill” but “shoot first and ask questions afterwards”. This means that the police actually have no really effective and practical policy with regard to their use of firearms; meaning that Blacks can never, ever trust them. It’s foolish to say that trust between Muslims and the police has been destroyed since such trust never really existed in the first place because there never was any evidence nor proof of its existence.

The opportunity here is for Blacks to exploit the fact that Whites are so scared of dying that they would antagonise the only people who could ever help Them. Usama bin Laden can speak English; how many English speakers can speak Farsi? It’s obvious that Whites need Muslims to help Them understand what terrorists are planning; Muslims do not need Whites. Whites understand this so are resentful of the fact that They (the allegedly superior race) should have come to rely upon those They consider inferior. Even if a message is passed to the authorities by a Muslim that some foreign-language speaking person is planning some atrocity, Whites are so racist that They’d automatically assume that Their Muslim informant was a lying Raghead. This is why the police informant in this case was obviously a White Man since the UK police are far more likely to believe a member of Their own race rather than one of a despised race. Because Whites are going to racially abuse Muslims whether They agree to help Whites or no, it doesn’t matter what Muslims do to try and appease Whites. This means Muslims can do as They please. Think about it!

‘Despite the Government's boasts of a diversified society, the criminalisation of Muslim communities and rising Islamophobia are a direct result of Government policies’. It never ceases to amaze Frank TALKER that any Black would ever believe anything ever said by such an obviously institutionally-racist government as we’ve always had in the UK. These Fatuous Black Bastards have obviously forgotten all about the British Empire and the North-Atlantic Slave Trade and the centuries-old anti-Semitism endemic in British culture. Islamophobia is the direct result of two things. The resentment of Blacks because of the Whites loss of Their empire proving that Whites aren’t as superior as They claim to be. And the Muslims stupid desire to suck up to Whites in the vain hope of appeasing White Racism. It takes two to tango, remember. Muslims are simply evading Their part in the racism They choose to experience.

‘The anti-terror legislation is eroding all of our civil rights and the Government intends to extend police powers without the need for accountability’. These civil rights have only ever existed theoretically. Try to enforce your rights and you will find that Whites don’t agree that you’ve ever had them. The issue of ‘accountability’ is simply a formalisation of the lack of ‘accountability’ that has always existed regarding UK race-relations.

The only way to stop political terror is to stop being frightened of Whites. Believe me, Whites are more frightened of you than you could ever be of Them. Protests like this only prove to Whites just how frightened you people really are. You should stop being concerned with what Whites think about you. You already know as a result of incidents like this!

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