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Campaigners demand race is included in new mental health reforms

Campaigners demand race is included in new mental health reforms


‘Health Czar Louis Appleby: loyal to the government despite “czars” being billed as independent thinkers free from ministerial control’. This criticism is basically silly since he whom pays the piper calls the tune – don’t Blacks realise that yet?

It’s worth looking up the meaning of the word “czar” in order for Blacks to understand why Whites chose it:

czar noun
1. Also tsar or tzar. A male monarch or emperor, especially one of the emperors who ruled Russia until the revolution of 1917.
2. A person having great power; an autocrat: “the square-jawed, ruddy complacency of Jack Farrell, the czar of the Fifteenth Street police station” (Ernest Hemingway).
3. Informal. An appointed official having special powers to regulate or supervise an activity: a racetrack czar; an energy czar.

A pretty appropriate definition-set I’d say!

‘Health ministers want to bring by the back door the same changes that have been so bitterly criticised for increasing discrimination against Black mental health users’. Well, yes: Obviously! They’d be only too happy to lock up as many Niggers as possible! Shirley, you always knew that?

The point of introducing entirely new legislation is that Whites knew that Blacks would complain about it and waste valuable energy attacking it. Now that that that idea has been defeated, Whites hoped that Blacks would become complacent with their minor victory on this score. The same legislation that was abandoned can be now be effectively re-introduced with less people noticing that it is precisely the same as that which Whites have claimed to abandon. This is a Common White Practice.

Professor Appleby said: ‘Race will be dealt with in the policy that comes from the Bill rather than in the legislation’. This means Whites are sick and tired of having Their own racism thrown back a Them in statutes that are harder to change (‘...overhaul of this Bill presents a once in a generation chance to influence legislation that could last over 20 years’) than policy guidelines which, by their nature, can be defined in more than one way. The problem with written law is that the fact that we have, for example, a Race Relations Act, strongly implies that the reason for such legislation is because Whites are institutionally racist. They are. That’s why such laws exist.

Whites now want to pretend that the need for such laws is greatly diminished although few whites ever step out of line to confess to racism of any kind. When one considers the Great White Desire to pathologise Blacks as endemically inferior one would expect more whites to have come out of the closet to admit this. Whites are more willing to admit that They are rapists, paedophiles and drunks than confess to being uncomfortable in the presence of Blacks. This is why none ever come forward, and why there is no Racists’ Anonymous; proving the Devout White Belief in the genetic inferiority of Blacks.

Whites are keener to conceal Their racism – so that They can continue to practice it – rather than to openly admit Their racism and deal with it through legislation; no matter how ineffective.

‘Consultant psychiatrist Dr Kwame Mckenzie told Blink: “This Bill runs counter to the Race Relations Amendment Act and Human Rights Act but the message that the Government is giving makes it clear that race does not rank high on its lists of priorities”’. This comment makes you wonder what world Blacks really live in, because the exact opposite is true. Race is of the highest importance to Whites since it’s the only means They have of desperately trying to prove that They are the superior race. This is precisely why They don’t want the issue addressed directly in legislation, because They want to hide this simple fact. The fact is that without racism, Whites have to accept that They are just as good and as bad as Blacks. And there is no way on God’s Earth that They are ever going to do that, even at the point of a gun. Live institutionally racist or die an egalitarian is Their motto because it allows Them to look down Their noses at someone else while simultaneously evading the essential emptiness of Their culture. (This is why They spend such an inordinate amount of time decrying multiculturalism as no more than politically-correct.)

‘Without proper consultation with the Black community the current crisis in BME mental health will only get worse’. Consultation means nothing, since Whites don’t care what Blacks think. If They did, They wouldn’t be the handmaidens of an institutionally-racist culture. Consultation does not mean Whites have to take a blind bit of notice about anything Blacks have to say. Especially if They can get a well-paid Token Black to stand up in public, take the racist heat and say that the results of such consultations are irrelevant to the needs of mental healthcare; that is, of Whites.

‘Consultant psychiatrist professor Suman Fernando told Blink: “Now is the time to be proactive, we should ask for race to be included in the legislative reforms and not be put off”’. Another Black Fool. A man who ASKS that Whites renounce racism is going to continue to be racially abused. This is like asking a paedophile to stop abusing kids or a baby not to cry... It’s just impossible.

'When we first suggested that there should be a full and proper Race Equality Impact Assessment on the 2004 Bill we were told by civil servants that it would not be an option, but because of persistent lobbying for our demands, we got one’. Well, whoop-de-do; way to go; so fuckin’ what! This doesn’t mean that the assessment will be included in law, asshole! So, you’re lobbying amounts to nothing more than a hilla beans.

Lord Herman Ouseley said: 'It is clear that the needs of both Acts have to be met and the concerns of Black health experts should be addressed or there will be huge opposition to the Bill in the Lords’. Because the House of Lords is mostly White, this does seem rather unlikely. Whites aren’t going to vote in favour of Blacks anymore than a turkey would vote in favour of Christmas! We saw the moral backbone of the House of Lords recently when they caved-in over a law to outlaw the glorification of terrorism.

‘Given the proposals in the 2004 Act, health campaigners believe it is time for them to set the agenda of what the new legislation should contain or there is the danger of being left with the worst of both Bills’. The Usual Black Waste of Time. Blacks will never learn that it is pointless working with Whites on issues that affect Blacks because Blacks will always come-off worst. Any issue designed to affect Blacks worse than Whites was explicitly designed to do so: White Culture is institutionally racist, face it! Negotiating with Whites about such issues never rises above the level of appeasement.

There are great career opportunities in creating and maintaining a pathologised group of “Black Psychotics” who can be exploited not for curative, palliative nor preventive purposes, but to provide Whites with health and social welfare careers – in perpetuity. This is identical to the Great White Desire to keep lower-class Whites poorly educated so that millions of well-educated Whites can develop and maintain careers in the various social services. To enforce a self-contained British Empire of feudal lord and dependent vassals. A medievalism based on a knowledge economy where the serfs are kept away from knowledge as much as possible by providing them only with the poorest schools in the worst locations.

‘Rev Arlington Trotman, secretary of the Churches Commission for Racial Justice believes the Government would be foolish to ignore the Black communities concerns as it was the furore over the badly handled race review of the 2004 Bill that forced them back to the drawing board’. No, it wasn’t. The government hasn’t gone back to the drawing board because it still wants to do the same as before but in a more slippery manner. The created furore was simply an attempt to exhaust Black Politicos into thinking They’ve won when They haven’t.

This article is schizophrenic in its assertion that Whites have had to give something up while simultaneously implying that They’re about to have another go at attempting the very thing Whites appear to have given up ‘by the back door’! This means Whites haven’t given up Their dreams of psychopathologising Blacks in order to keep Blacks at the lowest levels of White Culture.

Can’t you Black Bastards ever make up your mind what you really think about Whites or are you still pointlessly trying to convince Whites that YOU can be trusted when THEY can’t. You’ll never learn that Whites will never play ball with you on any level playing-field anymore than They would regarding Their own lower orders or Their own women.

'It was the enormous reaction to the 2004 Bill in the first place caused it's downfall, and you cannot propose a Bill that does not take race into account, especially now when it is so high on the agenda with the Commission on Human Rights and Equalities’. This is terribly naive. Whites will try to evade race by any means – fair or foul. There’s no real reason Whites need to take race into account. Blacks secretly know this, which is why They’re scared of such legislation. They try to conceal Their fear by patting Themselves on the back in this mawkish manner in the pretence that They can have any real sway over what they deep-down know Whites are salivating over planning to do to Blacks.

'There is unified feeling in the BME community in terms of its objectives and we want to make sure that the discrimination is addressed in adjustments to the 1983 Bill’. Is there really: On what evidence? This falls into the usual trap of Blacks pretending to be united in just the way White Racists like, for it allows Whites to treat Blacks as homogenous; that is, as objects for (racist) abuse. If only Blacks could get over Their feelings and posit rational, logical and objective goals, rather than Their basic (largely justified) hatred of Whites. Now that would be an advance if Blacks could deal with Whites unemotionally so that Whites could never then claim Blacks as inferior just because They showed some emotion. (Notice that if a White shows emotion, Whites call it “just high spirits”; when a Black does exactly the same, it’s a threat to national security; that is, White Security.)
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