Monday, 27 March 2006


Bad Bill bites the dust

The reason that the UK Health Department doesn’t understand mental-health issues is because they aren’t concerned with them – and have no real reason to learn. They are concerned with the fears of the general public regarding public assault by schizophrenic nobodies under the Ccare in the Ccommunity scheme. Additionally, civil servants and politicians refuse to face the mental health issues of others because they refuse to face their own; hence the racist intent of the formerly proposed legislation.

The essential idea was to pathologise blackness and – coupled with racist immigration controls – to control black mobility; even within the country. This motivation still exists, so blacks still need to be watchful of what will be proposed in the failed bill’s stead.

The proof of this is that: ‘Government figures currently show that African-Caribbean people make up 16% of people in high security psychiatric settings and 30% in medium risk settings. This despite African-Caribbean people constituting less than 3% of the national population’. This means that Afro-Caribbeans are either much more prone to mental illness than whites or, more likely, that white psychiatrists are much more prone to racism than black psychiatrists.
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