Friday, 31 March 2006

Left to die

Left to die


‘Mr Mwedzi's aunt, Frances Misi, has been told that the two paramedics have given statements claiming that Mr Mwedzi refused to be taken to hospital’. Surprise! Surprise! How else can they excuse their racism?

Mr Mwedzi's aunt, Frances Misi: 'This is not something that should be happening in the 21st century’. Odd how Blacks think that the incidence of racism is somehow dependent upon the date. I wonder if They also think it also depends on the time of day? (“This is not something that should be happening before teatime!”)

‘We want justice and we want the truth; for them to admit what they did’. Blacks’ll get none of these things – as They well know.

‘We don't want this to happen to anyone else’. Of course, it will – it has to. How else can Whites endeavour to prove Their superiority save by creating a culture where Blacks are openly treated as inferiors?

It beggars belief that blacks swallow the White Propaganda churned out by institutionally-racist organisations like the BBC and the UK Police Service. About how marvellous White People are in letting blacks live here; allowing Whites to pretend how committed Whites are to fair-play and justice and equality, etc, etc; ad nauseam.

Nevertheless, blacks do swallow this bullshit.

Blacks want to believe Self-Serving White Delusions because Blacks are scared that They actually are inferior to Whites in their inability to squarely face-up to White Racists and defeat Them.

As Whites formerly tried to colonise other countries, they currently try to colonise other minds with White Racist Propaganda. But, as the British Empire failed so, too, will the attempt at an empire of the mind in which White Minds are automatically superior. However, this will not be because Blacks are tough - They aren't - but because the concept of colonisation as such is untenable; proven by the fact that all empires fail in the end.

What we’re witnessing now are early signs of what will happen after the proposed introduction of identity cards. To get medical treatment then, you will have to be entitled to it rather more than be in need of it. This is all part and parcel of the effective dismantling of the National Health Service – especially for Blacks. Racist Whites will then be given carte blanche to refuse treatment to foreign-looking types. And, if it turns out they have legal residence but die because first-aid was too late in coming, Whites will then say They couldn’t find their identity cards. The (non-)existence of such a card will then have become more important than a man, say, in the middle of an epileptic seizure.

We are rapidly retreating back to the time when houses were fire-insured in such a way that only those showing a fire insurance plaque outside their houses would have any fire doused – any other property is simply left to burn.

Mrs Misi continues in the same idiotic vein: 'I've had so many sleepless nights since his death wondering what kind of world we are living in’. How can any rational person spend any ‘sleepless nights’ at all wondering about any such thing when the answer to such wonderment is simple: A racist world?

Mr Mwedzi's uncle, Walter Matsika: 'I don't want to use the word racism, but what else can explain what happened?' Obviously, nothing else! Here we come to the basic problem with UK blacks. When confronted by ostentatious racism, They claim They don’t want to use the word racism? What are They afraid of? The very racism that They can so clearly see? If that’s the case, They should pack up and leave the country now because They ain’t gonna do much good for Themselves nor anyone else here. Even though They claim They would like not to see this sort of thing happen again. Perhaps They think They will achieve this by refraining from calling a thing by its proper name and, thereby, hope the problem of the hate that dare not speak its name will go away of its own accord? Wankers!

(Hurrah: At last the BLINK Website is taking English spelling and grammar seriously! It’s about time – apart from the fact that mis-spelt is spelt misspelt! ‘They [Sussex Ambulance Service] issued a statement in which the victims name was mis-spelt (Sic). 'We can confirm that we have received a complaint from the family of Mr Muebzi [sic] regarding the care he allegedley [sic] received from our crews’.)
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