Monday, 27 March 2006


A response to the above article:

Mr Stockdill is exploiting the inherent racism of political correct approaches to race issues to vent his own racist feelings behind a would-be critique of political correctness.

(Political correctness is racist because it seeks to push race issues under the carpet by claiming that we should never discuss them openly. This is because Whites have never figured out what is, and what is not, racist. Because of this, Whites fear that anything and everything They might say could be construed as being racist. This fear has a chilling effect on free speech; resulting in racism never being discussed properly and a battle between different groups of Whites over deconstructing statements made by members of other groups as to whether they are, or are not, racist. This is exactly the same as saying: “Some of my best friends are niggers” while not knowing what friendship is.)

As always with closet racists, Mr Stockdill’s racism isn’t evident from what he says, but from a pattern of obsession with racial issues and the political correctness which he feels does not allow him to say what he really thinks about Blacks. 'Will I be nicked if I show this to anyone?‘ (regarding expressions like: ‘The Chocolate Coloured Coon’) shows that he wants to use such expressions – not wanting to realise that they are now firmly out-of-date (unless a historical point is being made, say) – because he is stuck in the past.

Mr Stockdill can get away with this because his criticisms of political correctness are apposite, but the suspicion remains that because he doesn’t make clear what he’s complaining about – political correctness or Black People – he comes across as wilfully racist. H8s refusal to comment publicly about his editorials only enforces this impression.

‘One Black Watford man, who was beaten up in a racially-motivated attack, told Blink that Mr Stockdill's column contributed to an atmosphere of racism in the town’. This is foolish because it’s the ‘atmosphere of racism in the town’ that leads to such newspaper articles rather more than the other way around.

‘Liberal Democrat Watford councillor Rabindranath Martins wrote to the Watford Observer saying he was “deeply shocked by [Mr Stockdill's]... highly offensive comments.”’ This is stupid because the offensiveness of a statement is irrelevant. It’s the truth or falsehood of a statement that matters otherwise we might just as well all give up now and live in cloud-cuckoo land. Such statements allow Blacks to penalise Whites for saying things Blacks don’t like; allowing Blacks to be racist towards Whites.

‘Cllr Martins added: “I can only surmise that he gets some perverse self gratification in using language which he knows will cause offence to our ethnic minority residents. This time he has overstepped the line of tolerable behaviour.”’ This is the most likely psychological explanation of Mr Stockdill’s behaviour.
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