Saturday, 25 March 2006


A university lecturer who claims blacks and women are genetically inferior cannot provide adequate teaching to either and is in the wrong job.

If he really believes such things, why not call for single-gender and single-race teaching? It logically follows that he must also believe that money is being wasted in attempting to educate those who can benefit least from formal education. But he isn’t that consistent – nor that intelligent.

The issue of academic racism also raises the spectre that racism isn’t the product of ignorance. Educated anti-racists would like to believe racism is pure ignorance because it puts them outside the possibility of being labelled racists themselves because they’re educated. However, this is exactly what racists themselves do since they always claim that the ignorant and the ineducable exist in some other, despised group of people to which they most definitely do not belong. This is a clear similarity between racists and anti-racists.

The truth is that racism is a mental illness that no amount of education can ever alleviate.

Alternatively, it could be that White Racists are so genetically inferior that they can’t rise above their sorry genetic state of needing to believe that others are worse-off than they are for non-political or cultural reasons. All the while, rational people know that racism and misogyny are political and cultural artefacts – not genetic. The reason Dr Ellis doesn’t follow-through on any of his beliefs is because he doesn’t want to lose his job and be criminally prosecuted; given that educational establishments in the UK are required to promote rascal equality. He isn’t prepared, therefore, to put his money where his mouth is and is essentially hypocritical.

By claiming a genetic justification for racism, Dr Ellis effectively claims that blacks (& women) are less responsible for their actions than whites. Blacks (& women), therefore, should be less harshly punished when they commit crimes. And yet we find that for similar offences, blacks are more likely to be sent to prison than whites – even though it’s alleged that those same blacks are less liable for their bad behaviour. Why don’t White Racists ever invoke the concept of Diminished Responsibility for poor quality black behaviour even though racists claim that blacks genetically-predisposed to such inferior behaviour? White Racists – as always – are trying to have it both ways. They claim whites can never rise to the lofty heights of the white race, but are still to be judged by the same standards of behaviour! This would be like criminally prosecuting a horse for murder, for throwing its rider, when only human beings can ever held legally responsible for their actions in this way!

Claiming that being a white racist is a matter of free speech is claiming that one has the human right to trample on the human rights of others – in the name of human rights! Dr Ellis is really talking about White Rights over and above Human Rights, since he – at the very least - clearly regards Whites as more human than Blacks. The claim that his human rights are being violated (by disciplinary suspension from his teaching post) is also a means of distracting attention. From the fact that Dr Ellis is nothing more than a mentally-ill white racist who has failed to form his own identity independently of others. Such people always try to exploit the old trick of finding a scapegoat for his lack of character by claiming others lack such backbone and that, in comparison, racists are better than all of their despised groups. Groups they need to despise in order to evade how much they despise themselves and the childhood reasons for such self-loathing.

The same is also true of arguments against political correctness, which are being used to do nothing more than justify White Racism. Although political correctness is as evil as racism, such arguments cannot justify either.

Ultimately, Dr Frank Ellis claims to want racial segregation by having blacks and whites living ‘in their own communities [to] pursue their own agendas’. Nevertheless, he is (genetically?) unable to do this without attacking the groups to which he does not himself belong. This proves that he isn’t pursuing his own white agenda without reference to blacks, but is pursuing the goal of all White Racists: Defining themselves as superior to blacks because White Racists have no other agenda to pursue. Why doesn’t Dr Ellis just get on and pursue his agendas without trying to justify racism and, thereby, attempt to hobble the progress of black in order to self-fulfillingly prove that whites are superior? If whites really are superior, why do they need to express such deep disrespect for blacks? Humans are superior to all of the other animals, but this isn’t a valid excuse for abusing farmyard animals, say. The truth is that White Racists want their racism institutionalised and legalised in order to make it inevitable that whites will come-out on top – regardless of any alleged innate Caucasian abilities.

Racism, thus, fills the gaping hole in the racist psyche where a personality should be.

No-one – least of all White Racists – ever claim their own group inferior: It’s always some other group. No-one who ever talks about social hierarchies ever puts himself at the bottom of the social hierarchy they claim exists. No white racist (like all paedophiles) ever admits that his racism (or paedophilia) is proof of his personal inferiority that it most assuredly is. This proves that racism isn’t an objective projection of superiority onto the world but is a projection of a deep-seated and highly subjective inferiority complex; seeking release through scapegoats.

As always with educated racists who seek scientific validation for their racism, they never actually come out and admit that they actually are racists. Trying to justify racism through (pseudo-)science is an attempt to prove there’s no such thing as racism or, worse, that if there is it’s not ethically wrong.

As always with anti-racist propagandists, they never talk much about the on-campus racists who aren’t foolish enough to reveal what they think about blacks. Is Dr Ellis the tip-of-the-racist-iceberg or are his views widespread? The fear of what the exact answer to this question might be is enough for them to draw a discreet veil over the entire issue of the nature and extent of White Racism.

Blacks should beware that when Dr Ellis is sacked, Whites will use this as an example of their commitment to anti-racism; while declining to answer the point I made in the previous paragraph. This will be one of the reasons anti-racists are the worst racists because need to exploit the doings of overt racists rather than engage in activity proving that they, themselves, have positive attitudes to blacks. This is a great political timesaver, as it doesn’t require any lifelong attempt to change oneself.
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