Wednesday, 29 March 2006

THIS generation rule the nation


‘Oliver Letwin, the Conservative’s former shadow chancellor turned policy reformer, cut to the chase.
“My prime purpose [for wanting more Black Tory MPs] is self-interest.
“We want to be a more effective political force, and we will never be a more effective political force unless we look like the country we seek to govern. There is a clear vested interest in making this programme work”’. This means politicians can never condemn vested interest in others - ever again – without hypocrisy! Yippee! The fallacy here, of course, is that the government being a representative sample of the races that make up the UK won’t automatically make any politics more nor less effective. Anymore than socialising medicine made us more healthy when the country was almost entirely white and whites decided that making healthcare less effective – because based on a Marxist concept – by creating the ineffective National Health Service.

Black (& Progressive White) wishful thinking is not an effective substitute for facing up-to the facts-of-reality.

The vested interest the Conservatives effectively deny here – by never mentioning it – is that they are so desperate for votes that they’re trawling (scraping the bottom of the barrel?) in the rather small pool of potential votes from Blacks. They hope that this will somehow make them more electable come the next general election. How’s that for a vested interest?

‘Simon Woolley, national coordinator (Sic) of OBV, said he had been deluged with hundreds of applications. He hoped this years' intake would be “the next generation of Bernie Grant's, Diane Abbott's and Keith Vaz's”’. Oh Jesus H Christ, let’s hope not! What those named have done for UK race relations I’d like someone to put into writing – so that I can show it to my eight-year-old nephew to use as political toilet paper.

How painfully naive to think that black politicians are going to be any less racist than white ones! Especially when those same black politicos realise that a choice will have to be made between being overtly Black and being the White Man’s Poodle – as Tony Blair is to George Bush. Special relationship, my arse!

In reality, Black politicians are inclined to be more racist because they feel that no matter what they do, they still have to earn White Man’s Approval. And to continually earn their place at the high table that Selected Black Tokens gain simply for being black. This means walking on eggshells to not offend White Sensibilities while not alienating the blacks who voted for them. It also means mentally-focusing on their skin colour more than a white politician would feel the need to; guiltily wondering whether they’ve sold-out their racial contemporaries.

No wonder black politicians are so ineffective because a culture that qualifies the adjective “politician” with the word “black” – while never doing so for a white politician – creates a square for itself that simply cannot be circled. It leads to paranoid/schizophrenia

Imagine, after all, not being trusted simply because you’re black and spending the rest of your miserable existence desperately trying to prove to racist whites that you can be trusted? (There’s a really good and publicly-humiliating reality-tv game-show here. But what white tv production company would ever accept it when it would do no more than reveal the racism of the people who put it on the telly in the first place?)

‘He [Simon Woolley] said: “There is a clear acceptance from political parties that they cannot sit back. They have to go out there and get them and nurture them”’. Yeah, and turn them into Whitespeaking robots under the political control of the White Paradigm!

‘Farmida Bi, who was mentored by Home Office minister Fiona MacTaggart during the last shadowing round, said OBV's scheme helped her decide whether politics was for her’. Arrogantly, politicians think that only they practice politics while the rest of us are at their disposal! If Farmida Bi had realised that a career in politics was not ‘for her’, that also would have been a political decision. What a political ingenue she must be! It’s only the pay, the perquisites and the pension she’s after, you mark my words.

'It opened doors to give me a way forward'. Really! And here was old Frank TALKER thinking that successful people made their own opportunities in life. Ah, well. There you go – I must have been wrong all these years. In truth, what she’s saying here is that it’s only when Whites decide to open these ‘doors’ that they’ll ever be open for Blacks; proving once again, the inane and inbred inferiority complex of the black race.

‘MacTaggart, who has become friends with Bi, said the lack of Black MPs - there's currently only 15 - made her “very frustrated”’. She’s frustrated because she’d feel lonely being surrounded by Caucasians she couldn’t possibly trust or relate to! She wants to become a politician so long as there’s another black hand to hold while she’s doing it. If she lacked this feeling, there’d be no need for parliament to demographically represent us - the issue wouldn’t then be ethnic representation but democratic representation as such.

The truth is that the only reason these political Black ingenues want to be politicians is precisely because Whites can never be trusted with making decisions that affect Blacks. Being politically-astute, Blacks know They can never admit this for fear of being called racists by the racist race (Whites). In which case, what good does this kind of thing really do when politicians feel they can’t be honest? These Blacks are just another bunch of liars and parasites who will focus on ideology at the expense of reality as white politicians have done before them.

‘Dawn Butler, MP for Brent South, said she wasn't surprised by the interest despite the fact that it is fashionable to be cynical about politics’. Only politicians are cynical about politics - the rest of us are realists about what politicians are up to! A 39% abstention rate from general elections proves this. She’s implying she’s noble while those she labels as cynics are the real cynics! How typical of a white person to blame the victim for all the things that they would like to do to the victim. Like taxing him until the pips squeak in order to feed the lazy and undeserving poor, for example, just to buy the votes of those same poor! How cynical is that?

'People of black and minority ethnic backgrounds are galvanising themselves. We are a strong voice and we want to be listened to’.' Where is the evidence for this garbage? If Blacks were already a strong voice then why would They want to be listened to? Shirley, They’d already be being listened to? If not, then They can’t have all that strong a voice! If you have such a strong voice why are you not being listened to and why do you claim to have such a voice when you know you’re not being listened to? Is it because your voice isn't so strong that it can be heard over and above the White Din?

You can only know (ie, obtain the necessary feedback) that you have a strong voice if others respond – negatively or positively. If they don’t respond at all, you have nothing – only pent-up anger baying at the moon. And the moon has no ears! Without this feedback, you might as well have a strong voice in the vacuum of space, for all the good it will do you – and in space, no one can hear you scream.

It takes two to tango - otherwise you ain’t gonna dance. You may have a strong voice but if there’s no-one to listen, you can use a megaphone – it won’t make the slightest difference. This shows, from a psychological perspective, how lonely Blacks feel Themselves to be within White Culture. Only a lonely person, after all, thinks that the mere act of talking produces active listening in others. They think this because ears can’t be closed and, therefore, that somehow others are forced to listen to their lonely despair. But there is as much difference between looking and seeing as there is between listening and hearing. Blacks have yet to learn this simple lesson in the political arena.

(On the plus side, the spelling and grammar of his piece is better than the usual Guardian-level standard.)
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