Monday, 27 March 2006


A response to the above article:

This is a statement of the bleeding obvious: Blacks are hardly likely to be in favour of negative action on race!

London mayor, ken Livingstone, saying: 'London has always been a city that welcomes people from different cultures encouraging them to live and prosper in the city’ is absurd. If true, then ‘positive action on race’ would not be necessary!

He goes on to claim: 'Combating racism and racial inequalities is an issue for all sections of society'. Why? Is it an issue for racists?

‘Of those who have experienced discrimination in the workplace, 83 per cent think that discrimination is far more likely to be linked to skin colour than as a result of gender, name or accent.
‘In spite of this, three quarters of people say that there are good relations between different racial and religious groups, whilst nine out of ten say they like London's cultural diversity, reinforcing previous studies.
‘Three quarters of respondents also believe that equal rights and opportunities for ethnic minorities are better than they were 10 years ago’.

There’s an interesting tension in the above three paragraphs reflecting the fact that racism something people are trying to pretend is a receding issue. Yet those same people still claim that racism is an issue? Either racism is an endemic problem or it isn’t. Yet these statements simultaneously suggest that there is a very real problem while at the same times things are looking up! If you are confused then so am I!

The truth is that our inability to pin down the problem and its extent that enables the problem to remain so institutionalised within the fabric of our culture. So much so, in fact, that is the fundamental basis of our culture.

Are Blacks as racially inferior as far-right fascist groups like the British National Party claim they are given the fatuousness of this piece?
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