Friday, 31 March 2006

Racism Over Uniform


'THE UNIFORM policy at a Burton school which allows female Muslim pupils to wear traditional religious dress is under review amid claims it is divisive and encourages racism'. Of course, you don't need me to tell you that complaining about others being different is really what is divisive and encourages racism. If Whites could accept difference, as such, then They wouldn't be so racist and divisive and such claims would never be made.

Whites have no difficulty in legally recognising bigamy among Muslims as valid marriages. Nor do They any problem with differential treatment for halal and kosher butchers, who’re allowed to kill their animals in ways that animal-lovers (ie, human-haters) find objectionable. Nor do Whites complain about the fact that you’re more likely to be stopped and searched if you’re Black than if you’re White.

Like all mentally-ill types, Whites find political consistency impossible.

What Whites are trying to do here is to use their skin colour to accuse others of racism; proving that They are the racists.

'The move comes less than a week after Luton student Shabina Begum lost her fight in the Court of Appeal to continue wearing the traditional headscarf and shawl after being excluded from school'. Now, of course, Whites feel emboldened to openly express Their racism - especially toward Muslims. Hopefully, Muslims will respond by setting-up Their own schools so that They can dress as They please. This will be a victory for those who claim that forcing everyone to be the same brings about the chimera of social cohesion. It will produce the very segregation they secretly crave so that Muslims will be easier to point-out in public because of the way they dress.

By attacking people’s religious codes, you attack their religious beliefs – and religion as such. But those doing this never admit that this is what they’re really doing.

If the White Racist limp-brains stopped worrying about others being different then the difference wouldn't matter nearly so much. But They do because of Their racist (& god-like) obsession with fashioning everyone in Their own image. As They do when spreading democracy - at the point of a gun - throughout the benighted world that Whites think owes Them a living.

'Parents of children who attend Abbot Beyne claim the uniform issue 'segregates' ethnic minority pupils from their white counterparts and fuels racial tension'. It would be interesting to know what these same parents do for causes such as anti-racism or pro-diversity. I bet the answer is nothing because the article doesn't record Their views on Blacks and none of the racist cowards was willing to be named. They’re concerned not about racism - as such - but about anything that They can claim leaves Them worse off. In other words, They're racist hypocrites.

'It's wrong for there to be one rule for one group of students and one for another...' And yet, few Whites ever complained about this in the past. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, suddenly Whites are the victims (of Their own racism) and boy are They pissed. Now They're learning what it feels like to be racially abused. Instead of being openly racist about it, perhaps They should learn from the experience and just stop being racist altogether. But, I’m afraid leopards rarely change their spots.

'This is making the kids racist towards one another because certain groups are getting treated differently'. No, it's White Parents complaining about Blacks that tends Their children towards racist viewpoints. As always, Whites are trying to blame Blacks for Their (the Whites) own racist attitudes. This is very similar to what often happens when a woman gets raped - it's her fault because she's too sexually attractive not to be molested and that'll serve her right for being so lovely.

Perhaps orthodox Jews will now start complaining about having to wear a skullcap because gentiles aren't required to? Perhaps the rich discriminate against the poor simply because they're poor and should give away enough of their wealth to equalise it with the average poor person? Whatever next? Whites; there's simply no end to the racism: They will try to get away with and, irony of ironies, in the guise of racial equality. And isn't that the cleverest racism of them all?

Anonymous Whites fear being labelled racist because They have no way of arguing their case without using racism to support it. In other words, Their fears are justified because They are racists.

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